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(I am taking offers on this vehicle. To have an idea on the value of the vehicle, please see an example for sale by Enthusiast Auto, and mobile.de and subito.it internationally.) As featured by Petrolicious.com and acclaimed short film “Curators” by Pliafilms, this one of a kind, S14 car mated with a close-ratio transmission with a dog-leg shifter, distinguishable inside and out by the M Technic II accessories, is as pristine an example of any E30 one can find. The Dogleg shifter: https://www.roadandtrack.com/car-culture/a5127/lets-put-a-dog-leg-in-the-track-rats-shall-we/ History of the 320is: The 320is is exemplary of the quality engineering of Bavarian Motor Work. In fact, the beauty of the 320is is not skin deep. Only available in extremely low quantity, the 320is with an M3 (S14) 4-cylinder engine block was produced and sold only in Portugal and Italy. Over the years, only a small number of these have remained, and a couple have made its way to this side of the Atlantic. The M3, along with the 325i/is/iX, were taxed with a 38% tax rate as a result of their displacement being >2000 c.c. In response, BMW through its M-division de-stroked the M3 engine, to just 10 c.c. less than threshold, and planted it in the regular E30 body, then appropriately adorned it with the sports accessory fittings. As such, a luxury sports sedan / coupe was born, with M sports suspension, and a motor that produces 192hp, vs. 195hp of the American E30 M3. A super sleeper indeed. The high revv-ing S14B20 engine was assisted by the Getrag 265 close-ratio transmission with a dog-leg shift pattern, always keeping the rpm high. There were 18,843 E30 M3s produced. But only 1205 320is four-doors, and 2540 coupes. Reviews: The BMW Car reviewer in April of 2009 said he would take a 320is over the M3 EVO II. Auto Motor Und Sport wrote, "The 320is reacts to the slightest steering action more willing than the M3, appears to be handling better, but also demands more attention from its driver than the goodnatured and understeering M3." "The bigger engine actually has less power in the lower rpm range. A fourth gear run from 40 to 100 kph took the M3 13.6 seconds but the 320is only took 12.8." They said the 2 liter engine revved more smoothly and finished the article by writing, "Less is indeed more." Bimmer Magazine summarized in their review: "Like the E30 M3 sold in the US, the Italian 320is is highly strung. But unlike the M3, however, it hides its demeanor beneath an elegant and restrained exterior. Don't be fooled by appearances: driving the 320is is like an affair fueled by passion and adrenaline. I want it, and badly!" Complex magazine rated this car to be no. 4, out of 15 best M cars, ahead of the E30 M3, and trailing behind only the M535i, M1, and the 3.0CSL. About this car: This particular car was imported personally to Canada intended for personal use. It was owned by 2 previous Italian owners prior to export from Italy. The exterior is painted in Diamond Schwarz, much like a deep graphite with a sheen. Since arrival in Canadian soil, the car has undergone a thorough restoration. Whereas the body needed little help, many consumable mechanical parts have been refreshed, and preventative maintenance thoroughly and meticulously performed. The body is solid without corrosion, except for some early rust under the battery compartment. The cabin suggests it may as well be much younger than its age of nearly 30 years. Seats have an anthracite cloth surface. There are no breaks in the fabric. Floor carpets are very clean with no stains or interruptions. M Technic II steering wheel and shifter with a leather skirt reminds the driver of its M-division heritage. The S14B20 motor has an original 170000km, running smoothly with no issues. The production date of the car was April 11, 1990, being one of the last 320iS to ever come out of the Regensberg BMW factory. It is evident that the previous owners have taken great care of the vehicle. The 320is is a driver’s car, and the mileage represent a well-enjoyed vehicle, but still a long way before anyone would worry about major issues as a result of age. On the other hand, it is not a vehicle with such low mileage that concerns the owners of problems of a garage collectible. This vehicle is in near stock condition, with the exception of H&R springs and roll-bars, lowering the car slightly by about 1 inch. The original exhaust silencer has been upgraded to a Supersprint replacement. Electric sunroof came optional on this vehicle and works without issues. Central lock, power windows and ABS were fitted on this vehicle. The 14 inch Basketweave wheels are signature of BMW. This car is kept in the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, a part where we have hot dry weather for the summer. It is garage-kept and very clean inside and out. A word about sales of this car: This 320is was intended to be driven often. However, a busy day job, and a second E30 under restoration has taken much of the owner’s time. The owner is now looking for a permanent home of this remarkable car, and a new owner who would take good care of it, and drive it to enjoy what it has to offer. There is not a set price for the car. The priority of the owner is not to recuperate cost of the vehicle more than ascertaining an appropriate permanent home for this special vehicle. He also wishes for the car to remain in Canada. What this car is NOT: … an E30 M3. Nor does it pretend to be one. Just like the M3, the 320is comes with a racing pedigree. It is a remarkable car in its own right. Some refer to the 320is as the Italian M3, but it should be just called… “320is”. … fast. Fast cars are aplenty. Try any contemporary turbo-charger. … new. The prospective buyer should expect a used car in excellent restored condition with no outstanding work orders. … a bargain. As the story suggests, the cumulative cost of the car, import, and restoration. Just as a guide, Hagerty.ca values the 325is in excellent condition to $24900, and the M30 M3 to $120000. Whereas there is little to guide the value of this vehicle, Oldenzaal Classics frequently has 320is in good condition for sale, ready to ship from the Netherlands. Listings can be found on Hemmings.com. International listings can be found on mobile.de and subito.it What this car will promise: … An exhilarating driving experience in one of BMW’s best. The high-revving S14B20 inside a light-weight body paired with a Euro 5-speed M3 transmission brings the driver an authentic analogue driving experience. One can drive this car sideways, although never out of control. To enjoy the drive, it only requires some backcountry roads, and for that matter, the twistier the better. … membership to an exclusive automotive club of just about a hundred or so, sharing and celebrating the pride of ownership of a special machine. … pride of ownership of more than a collectible, but a piece of automotive history, one that tells the story of a car maker in difficult times. Media feature of this car: Petrolicious Pliafilms short film documentary "Curators" Specifications: AK95 body (2 door) M Technik II body kit 1990 c.c. displacement 192hp @ 6900rpm 210Nm@4900rpm Max rev 7300rpm Engine code S14B20 Dog-leg 5-speed Getrag 265 close-ratio transmission, shared by the European E30 M3

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VERSION 320is M technic II M3
MOTRICITÉ Propulsion arrière
PORTES 2 portes

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1990 BMW 3 Series 320is M technic II M3 - Kelowna

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