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2007 Audi S4 avant 6 spd 177500km. Purchased off a doctor in Vancouver. He special ordered it from Audi many years ago. He babied it as well as myself. All service records are included along with oem first aid kit and audi booklet. Since purchasing from him in June 2017 myself has put over $20'000 US in parts and upgrades, receipts included if wanted. It is our daily driver perfect for a small family. The car has been meticulously taken car of from the doctor and myself. With all the work myself has done it can get 630km a tank(last photo included shows full tank with km till empty and kms used also)depending on how it is driven. Only ever used 94 octane gas and liqui moly for oil changes. The wagon is a V8 and a sleeper which is very fast,able to keep up with modern day sports cars. Upon purchase, this is what has been done and the km, the work was performed. 114'760km-oil change done, liqui moly and apikol snub mount 117'169km-oem fuel filter 117'716km-Jhm piggie downpipes,Jhm FI full cat back exhaust-non res system 2.5 inch, 4 new bosch oxygen sensors,apikol rear diff mount,034 rear diff carrier mount, oem air filter,transmission drained, flushed and filled with oem tranny fluid, rear diff drained and filled with Motul diff fluid, coolant flush and change with G13 coolant, Jhm automatic belt tensioner, jhm lightweight crank pulley, ambient air temp sensor and coolant temp sensor 118'215km-Jhm intake manifold, Jhm intake spacers, ported throttle body, pcv valve and carbon cleaned the ports 119'376km oil change done liqui moly, 034 maf hose installed and Jhm short shifter installed 124'608km-oil change liqui moly 130'214km-oil change liqui moly 131'641km-Hawk front drilled and slotted rotors along with hawk ceramic pads, bled and flushed brake system with oem fluid 133'000km- oem power steering hose and system flushed and refilled with oem fluid 135'274km-new oem v belt and Jhm 91 octane tune 136'825km-engine flushed, new coolant expansion tank and oil change done, liqui moly 137'489km- Hawk rear driller and slotted rotors and hawk ceramic pads flushed and bled brake system again, 034 street tranny mount, oem washer pump 143'800km-oil change liqui moly 147'574km- front crankshaft seal replaced, afe dry air filter, meyle hd front end links 147'945km-front and rear hotchkis swaybar kit installed and 034 rear adjustibke end links 149'912km-oem starter and stern engine mounts 159'839km-oil check valve kit, both valve covers removed and new gaskets installed,new spark plugs, oil pressure regulator, oil change liqui moly 155'551km-oil change liqui moly 157'751km-both new rear wheel bearings and hubs installed 161'255km-oil change liqui moly 163'112km-both new front wheel bearing and hubs installed, both front cv axles, meyle hd inner and outer tie rod ends, meyle full control arm kit and meyle hd end links removed and 034 front spherical end links installed 163'863km-windshield washer pump, Jhm shift linkage rod,034 track tranny mount,new thermostat, engine coolant temp sensor, coolant flush and refill with g13 and main cats gutted(removed) 167'607km- new tires put on and wheel alignment done 168'500km- oil change liqui moly, power steering hose and flush, new rear parking light and front parking light replaced. 173'650km- oil change done liqui moly top tech 4100 The status on icbc website is normal( that is why it is under a clean title as the car was not a rebuild or salvage vehicle)it had an accident back in 2007 and some small claims years ago(none from me) ,no structural or engine damage was sustained to the vehicle. The doctor has driven it( special ordered the car) with no problems till myself bought it in the summer of 2017. All parts listed were done since July 2017 and the car is very fast and special. There are not that many Avants in the s4 V8 around. The car is the enthusiast model which is 6spd. The wagon drives so smooth and amazing after everything that has been done, if you have driven one you will know what myself is talking about. If not be prepared, it is a V8 german sports car hidden in a family wagon. No test drives unless truly wanting the car. With the Jhm tune the throttle response is 1-1 which means instant throttle once touched, if you have not ever tried it like this, it will take getting used to. Myself and wife have taken immaculate care of the car and it is my dream car. It will be hard letting go but it's time for a family vehicle. Never seen the track, it is a family wagon. For a 12 year old car it has been maintained and the parts installed will last for many years. All the parts were researched and common to failure, myself put most parts in as preventative maintenance.The timing chain had no problems so did not install the kit. If you are just going to ruin the car and not take care of it, don't bother coming by, myself has put way to much money and work for it to be not appreciated. It will go to someone who will care for it like we did. Air conditioning works great. There are no chain issues or rattle upon startup and the clutch is still good, not keeping so didn't put in the Jhm chain kit ( the installation is a big job, was putting that in only when it starts to go, late b7 S4 had less chains issues than the earlier b7 s4 and mine is still great). Myself paid $18'200( can show proof)2 years ago and put in over $20k in parts. The price is more than fair for all the work and everything done. If you take care of it like myself has, it will last for many years. Photo with miscellaneous parts are super dot4 brake fluid,repair manual, rear crankshaft seal, 18 piece brake caliper piston tool Schwaben kit, Schwaben compact european pressure bleeder, G13 coolant full jug, oem transmission fluid, motul gear 300 rear diff fluid, service position bolts, crank case breather hoses, ignition coil puller tool, vacuum lines and various gaskets, bolts and Audi specific tools. Also included is a brand new transmission jack, still in unopened box and a tie rod tool kit(specific for the S4) Also included are 2 low profile car ramps. Km will keep changing, it is our only vehicle and Daily driver. New oil and filter just done May 6th Also have Jhm full timing chain kit if wanted. $12500 with the kit included( that is an amazing deal and you would be saving $2500 off the full kit purchase price) purchased July 2017 as preventative maintenance(receipt if needed). The chain kit alone is over $5000 Canadian from Jhm and over $7000 oem from Audi $10000 or $12500 with Jhm chain kit Have had to many people just wanting to drive the car. Please, don't waste mine or your's time if your not truly interested. No more car dealer phone calls also please, do not need to be low balled constantly. Nothing wrong with timing chain!

STATUT Occasion
VERSION 4dr Avant Wgn Manual
MOTRICITÉ Traction intégrale
PORTES 4 portes

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2007 Audi S4 4dr Avant Wgn Manual - Chilliwack

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