Audi A4 4dr Wgn Auto 2.0T quattro Premium 2009 Delta 15 300 $
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Audi A4 4dr Wgn Auto 2.0T quattro Premium 2009 - Delta

15 300 $
Pour ce véhicule, en fonction du kilométrage et des options, en présumant une bonne condition, ou meilleure.
  • Système de navigation
  • Toit panoramique
  • Intérieur cuir
  • Bluetooth

Avis: Veuillez confirmer auprès du vendeur l’exactitude des renseignements publiés. Le kilométrage affiché est la valeur apparaissant au moment de la publication de l’annonce. Taxes et plaque d’immatriculation en sus.

106 137 km
4dr Wgn Auto 2.0T quattro Premium
Type de carrosserie
2.0L Turbocharged
Traction intégrale
Numéro de stock
Couleur extérieure
Couleur intérieure
Écon. de carburant ville
Écon. de carburant autoroute

The vehicle history report shows a CLEAN TITLE on this Wagon, on top of that an optional extended warranty is available.

This Wagon was driven only 11,793 km/year, currently at 106,137 kilometers and the automatic transmission provides for a smooth yet reliable ride.

This reliable 4 Cylinder engine is one of the most economical engines on the market, on top of that the AWD system delivers increased grip and control under all road conditions.

This sharp looking Brilliant Black paint comes with a luxurious Black interior.

Push-button keyless start couldn't be simpler, just slide behind the wheel, with the key fob in your pocket, briefcase or purse at the same time you can let sun or moonlight in with the push of a button with the power roof. Passengers in the rear can enjoy the summer months with the Rear A/C, moreover the CD-Changer delivers hours of uninterrupted music. The HID headlights allow you to see farther thanks to a a wider, more intense beam, whats more is the factory built in HD radio gives you more music, talk shows and news without any monthly subscription fees.

The satellite radio delivers a variety of stations that's sure to make any road trip more exciting, additionally the Bluetooth connection on this vehicle not only cuts down on possible law violations, but also keeps both your hands free to grip the wheel. You can say goodbye to lots of CD's with the built-in MP3 player while the premium sound system lets you enjoy every note of your favorite album. The keyless entry system is a must have convenience option while the installed stability control stabilizes the vehicle during sudden evasive maneuvers.

The cruise control takes much of the foot-work out of long distance driving while the alarm system is an effective measure to safeguard the belongings in your car. The heated front seats offer additional comfort when in cold weather by warming the seat quickly, moreover the memory seat feature makes sure that your perfect seat position is never forgotten. The break assist is a great safety feature that can stop this car quickly and effectively, in addition to the driver lumbar support is most appreciated after a long road trip.

The passenger lumbar support guarantees that the front passanger is just as comfortable as the driver, furthermore the Dual-Shift transmission provides for a sport inspired driving experience. These rain sensing wipers turn on as soon as you see drops of water on your windshield, in addition to the power windows are so convenient that it's hard to make do without them. The CD player is definitely a must have whereas the traction control helps to provide more protection in dangerous weather.

The steering wheel audio controls let you control almost every aspect of your music without taking your hands off the wheel whereas the power outlet is a must have for any serious camping road trip.

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15 300 $

Ce véhicule

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14 796 $


Le prix de ce véhicule est de 504 $ SUPÉRIEUR AU PRIX DU MARCHÉ (3%) pour la région de Delta. Il est comparé à des Audi A4 2009 semblables et tient compte du kilométrage, de la transmission, de la version et des options.

Analyse de la condition
106 137 km
kilométrage bas basé sur de 20 000 km/an
Caractéristiques et options
  • Système de navigation
  • Toit panoramique
  • Intérieur cuir
  • Bluetooth
  • Jantes aluminium
  • Toit ouvrant
  • Climatiseur à deux zones
  • Transmission intégrale
  • Alarme
  • Audio haut de gamme
  • Contrôle de stabilité
  • Système antipatinage
  • Radio satellite
  • Vitres électriques
  • Hayon motorisé
  • Climatisation
  • Antivol
  • Couvre boîte
  • Sièges chauffants
  • Clim. automatique
  • Siège électrique
  • Siège à réglage électrique
  • Miroirs chauffants
  • Coffre télécommandé
  • Verrouillage sans clef
  • Régulateur de vitesse
  • Miroirs électriques
  • Changeur de CD
  • Verrouillage électrique
  • Volant gainé de cuir
  • Freins ABS
  • Phares anti-brouillard
  • Essuie-glaces intermit.
  • Servo-freins
  • Essuie-glace arrière
  • Sac gonflable latéral
  • Servo-direction
  • Volant télescopique
  • Lecteur CD
  • Feux de jour
  • Ordinateur de route
  • Levier ouverture capot
  • Sièges inclinables
  • Tachymètre
  • Odomètre journalier
  • Dégivreur arrière
  • Porte-gobelet
  • AM/FM Stéréo
Consommation de carburant
Combinée 8,9L/100km
Km annuel
Prix moyen/litre pour essence ordinaire
Coût annuel estimé:
Basé sur la consommation combinée
Historique de l'annonce
200 $
Prix courant
15 300 $
Prix initial
15 500 $
Plus d'information sur ce véhicule
  • Delta, BC