Mazda MAZDA3 GS 2018 Campbell River 24 228 $
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Mazda MAZDA3 GS 2018 - Campbell River

24 228 $
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14 km
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Prix de vente conseillé 24 228 $
Prix détaillant 24 228 $
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Mazda 3 GS 2018 In the 2018 MAZDA3, a sleek exterior is just the start of an exhilarating driving experience. Crafted by engineers who are passionate about how it feels to drive a car that’s beautiful, confident and cutting-edge, every detail is shaped to ensure unfailing quality and exceptional driving exhilaration. The 2018 MAZDA3 proves that one car can fulfill everything you love about driving. Includes heated steering wheel, air conditiong, rear defrost, adjustable leather steering wheeel, power windows, keyless entry, heated mirrors, and so much more! Click on LINK and Take Advantage and Get Pre-Approved helping us to help you in securing the best terms & conditions. We take pride in offering a relaxed rewarding sales experience, offer lifetime FREE car washes and have an amazing Team of product specialists. Give us a call at 1-866-410-5684 to book your Free Test Drive today. Zoom Zoom Don't forget to Like Us on Facebook to be entered into our monthly Draws
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