Chrysler 200 C 2016 Winnipeg 37 088 $
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2016 Chrysler 200 C
PDSF: 39 075 $  Prix détaillant: 37 088 $

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Prix de vente conseillé 39 075 $
Prix détaillant 37 088 $
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Cash On The Dash get up to $10,500 in holiday cash back on every deal! Exclusive to Waverley Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram located at 1700A Waverley St within the Waverley AutoMall. The Chrysler 200 will surpass your expectations. The refined sleek premium look ds more than steal hearts, the rodynamics help improve ride quality giving the passengers a quieter smoother experience. The interior has a superior finish that portrays the meaning of beauty. The 200 is loaded with advanced technology that has everything you need to stay comfortable, informed and entertained at a touch of a button. Stay on the road longer with fuel efficiency that will be appreciated. Chrysler understands that it is important to keep the ones you love close and safe and that is why only top of the line safety went into this 200. Dont just settle for what you need, settle for what you deserve today! To book a test drive call orsubmit your information on the 're open 9am-9pm Mon/Tue and Wed-Sat 9am-6pm.
Évén. détaillant - fin: 31 décembre 2016
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