Chevrolet Impala Premier 2LZ | Leather | Sunroof | Navigation | Loa 2017 Kelowna 40 217 $
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Chevrolet Impala Premier 2LZ | Leather | Sunroof | Navigation | Loa 2017 - Kelowna

Prix détaillant
40 217 $ 47 350 $

Type de carrosserie
22 km
Premier 2LZ | Leather | Sunroof | Navigation | Loa
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Prix de vente conseillé 47 350 $
Prix détaillant 40 217 $
Sur approbation de crédit. Veuillez confirmer l’exactitude des renseignements publiés auprès du vendeur. Le kilométrage indiqué est la valeur au moment de la publication de l’annonce. Taxes et frais d’immatriculation en sus.
Advertised price based on cash incentives, $500.00 Holiday Rebate rebate applied.Pricing is inclusive to all pre and post tax credits available. This vehicle is also eligible for a $750.00 GM Visa. 0% financing may not be applicable.

Blow out pricing with full rebates applied! Introducing the 2017 Chevrolet Impala. This 4 door, 5 passenger sedan leads among competitors in its segment. It features a front-wheel-drive platform, an automatic transmission, and a refined 6 cylinder engine. Comfort and convenience were prioritized within, evidenced by amenities such as: leather upholstery, automatic dimming door mirrors, heated and ventilated seats, automatic temperature control, fully automatic headlights, lane departure warning, and seat memory. For drivers who enjoy the natural environment, a power moon roof allows an infusion of fresh air. Premium sound drives 11 speakers, providing you and your passengers a sensational audio experience. Side curtain airbags deploy in extreme circumstances, shielding you and your passengers from collision forces.

At Kelowna Chevrolet, we pride ourselves in providing an exceptional customer experience from start to finish. Whether it be finding a part for your vehicle, shopping for a new or used vehicle, or getting a service done, we will go above and beyond. We price all of our inventory at below fair market value, which translates to very happy customers. Call or email today, we'd love to hear from you!!
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  • 1 année en affaire à Kelowna, BC