Cadillac XTS Premium Luxury 2017 Moose Jaw 60 919 $
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Cadillac XTS Premium Luxury 2017 - Moose Jaw

PDSF: 67 465 $  Prix détaillant: 60 919 $
Automatique à 6 Vitesses
Type de carrosserie
22 km
Premium Luxury
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Prix de vente conseillé 67 465 $
Prix détaillant 60 919 $
Avis: Veuillez confirmer auprès du vendeur l’exactitude des renseignements publiés. Le kilométrage affiché est la valeur apparaissant au moment de la publication de l’annonce. Taxes et plaque d’immatriculation en sus.
An achievement in comfort and confidence! $3,000 Cadillac Cash Incentive Discount, $3,546 Murray GM Discount. The 2017 XTS Sedan is crafted to exceed your every expectation. With an assertive engine, confident handling and a spacious and comfortable cabin, every drive in the XTS is truly a refined experience.

Additional Incentives *If Applicable*
Mobility $1,000
Canadian Forces $500
Student Bonus $750
GM Card Max Allowance $3,500
New to Canada Bonus $1,000
*The above credits are not included in the price. Check with our Product Specialist if you qualify for these additional discounts*

The XTS offers the high level of quality and innovation that Cadillac owners are used to and includes some of the most technologically advanced features in the brands history. It is definitely a modern luxury vehicle to consider. This model boasts all-wheel drive and is powered by a direct-injected, 3.6 liter V-6 engine producing 304 horsepower. It is matched with a 6-speed automatic transmission that includes tap up/tap down steering wheel shift controls. The XTS also includes the CUE infotainment system, a comprehensive in-vehicle experience with an intuitive design for information and media data control. Premium features include 10 airbags, an 8-speaker Bose audio system, and dual-zone climate control.


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