Buick Regal Premium II NOW 12%% OFF !! 2016 Winnipeg 39 450 $
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2016 Buick Regal Premium II NOW 12%% OFF !!
PDSF: 44 950 $  Prix détaillant: 39 450 $

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11 km
Premium II NOW 12%% OFF !!
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Prix de vente conseillé 44 950 $
Prix détaillant 39 450 $
Avis: Veuillez confirmer auprès du vendeur l’exactitude des renseignements publiés. Le kilométrage affiché est la valeur apparaissant au moment de la publication de l’annonce. Taxes et plaque d’immatriculation en sus.
IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS ABOUT DOWN PAYMENT, TRADE, LENGTH AND KMS TO OWN THE CAR, PLEASE SEE A BIRCHWOOD CHEVROLET BUICK GMC CONSULTANT TO HELP YOU THROUGH THIS. CLICK, CALL OR VISIT US TODAYBE BOLD, PUSH LIMITS - The 2016 Regal is a guaranteed experience of a life time. Comfort, class and speed are perfectly sculpted. With bold lines and a curvy design this car is desperate to cut through the air. The interior has everything you need at your fingertips, truly giving a racecar feel. The latest customizable technology at your disposal. Experience life, experience beauty, experiences a Regal.........................................................................................We are located in the Pointe West Autopark, Portage Ave West at the Perimeter - Drive west towards the BEST!!Financing available with 100% guaranteed approval for every year, make and cial financing available!In addition, for a worry-free ownership, the Birchwood Advantage Package is available with all vehicles which includes;3 YEARS ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE,3 YEARS TIRE ROAD HAZARD WARRANTY,3 YEARS RIM HAZARD WARRANTY,3 YEARS FREE TIRE ROTATIONS,5 YEARS THEFT PROTECTION WITH $5000 ler permit #4240 ~
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